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What Is Happening To This World – Raw Natural Beauty

What is happening to our world? What HAS been happening for far too long?

Why do a large amount of humans not appreciate the raw beauty of planet earth?



Did she not give us enough?

Was there not enough resources for us to survive? Did we need to build these concrete jungles?

Destroying the raw natural beauty and covering her in gray. Over powering the skies so we can’t see the stars?

What is happening to this world? What is happening to OUR world?

What can we do to save her? To save our planet earth? The world has been caught in a big power trip for far too long. Wouldn’t it be a better place if everything flowed instead of collided?

What if we lived off of trade?

How beautiful that world would be. Trading knowledge and experience. Sharing your craft and learning others.

Instead of spending hours a day at a place you don’t particularly enjoy. Working away at things that have no passion. Yea, you might be great at what you do.

But does it really speak to you? Does it set your soul on fire? Are you amped every morning when you wake up or do you just wish to fall back to sleep and dream of a different reality?

If your answer is no.

Check this out


It may seem like a lot of energy for you but the amount of energy the world is losing is far too great. She is depleting and the majority of us as a whole aren’t doing what we can to make it better.

She deserves to glow, to thrive, to be who she was meant to be.

Just like you.

So change how you pack your lunch, get rid of that plastic wrap. Replace it with one container that you can use daily. Start small in your changes and they will grow to be great. You will look at your life one day and realize YOU are making a difference. Because it starts with you, with us as a whole entity.

The anger in this world is consuming. It NEEDS to be calmed.

Show her kindness.


I don’t watch the news. I know some may say, why? It’s good to be informed on the world but you know what. It’s just all so sad. The selected media they show is so damn miserable.

The odd time I have watched it in my life has made me glum and I wouldn’t be able to get the destruction out of my head for a while. It moved my hope back and just made me plain sad. I don’t want to feel this way about the world.

Do you?

I want the good to stand out and for people to not be taking advantage of what was once so beautiful.


I would like to give you a great example of sadness and a beautiful stance all in one.

Ihumatoa is a beautiful landscape not far from Auckland Airport.


This beautiful land means so much to my husband as he grew up right on the other side of the fence. Literally his parents home is right there, their view from their back porch is of this land. It is absolutely breath-taking and far superior to any man made scene in our world.

Take a moment out of your day to have a look at this page and be a part of saving our unique land.


If you would like to learn more, have a look at this ted talk.


Pania Newton speaks absolutely beautifully and oh so passionate about Ihumatoa. She is a wise woman and her words deserve to go far.

This land NEEDS to be saved from the destruction that is too possible.

Let’s take small steps together in the right direction to let mother nature breathe how she was supposed to.


As much as our world is being pushed the wrong way I believe that she is stronger than us as a whole. I believe that she will shake us one day, like a bad cold. Like a toxic fungus that needs to be rid of.

That is, if we don’t shape up our act and start treating her with respect and the nourishment she deserves.

Imagine. Imagine a world where smiling at someone is the street wasn’t weird. A world where we could talk to each other properly. Where we don’t feel like we need to hide our true feelings. Where being yourself speaks more than following the new trend.


We are meant to be one with the earth, not separated. We are meant to walk barefoot on the beach, through fields and mud.


To breathe together. To swim in the ocean and work for our food, not mass produce and slaughter.

We are meant to work together, not fight each other. To watch our children grow in a safe and beautiful environment. Not be scared for them to go out into the world.

To root each other on, not tear one another down. To be happy for each other when we succeed instead of wishing it was us.

Take action on your life, we all have a voice. It only matters how we choose to use it.

Our planet is special, it’s unique. Imagine what it would look and feel like if we as humans had not scarred it so much.

How it would have flourished and grown into it’s true potential.

How WE as people could have grown and flourished together, as one.

Why have we turned it into a big monopoly game?


So let’s choose to grow with her, our mother, our earth. The beauty that she is, not what she has become.

Pick up the rubbish you see flying by. Use more reusable products. Eat more foods that make you feel good. Do activities you know will help your mind, body and soul.

Explore her and plant new life.

Feedback and comments welcome.

What do you guys think of the state of the world?

What can you do to make it a brighter place?

A better place for our future generations.

Till next time,



Waiheke Island

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