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Isn’t is strange that one day you can wake up and everything feels so different?

Feeling Alone

Life can feel so secure at one moment, thinking you have the love and support from old friends that you thought were always going to be there. To realize that you have been trying to reach out and put in effort to receive nothing back. To feel like you are doing it all alone.

Realizing that that feeling is coming from the fact that it’s taking you awhile to realize that maybe we have all just strayed and started going down different paths that doesn’t accommodate for everyone.

Wasting good time and energy to be able to sit and talk with the people you thought were close by. When really you should be making friends with yourself and accepting that we all have different journeys.

So what do you do when feeling lonely?


Growth starts happening in a way you never knew existed.

Learn to blossom on you own and you will see the change in you surroundings.

If you have welcomed a new human into the world, remember they are you new little friend. These little humans never asked to be here, we bought them forward into this world. They are our new focus and the older they get, we can find our new friend in them.


Someone who will teach us so much about ourselves and the wonders of the world. By choosing to see everything new and beautiful through their eyes, the world can seem a little less lonely.

Find comfort in the little souls we are holding instead of going down that bitter path that feels all too close.

It’s important to remember that everyone is going through their own personal journey and sometimes it doesn’t flow with ours. This doesn’t always mean that you relationship is lost sometimes it means that you both need time to accept the change and just be there for each other in ways that you can.

Take Time For Yourself

It can feel overwhelming and quite intimidating when going through big change, when realizing things that once meant so much to you feel so far away .

Invest quality time in yourself. This is something that I am absolutely awful at dedicating time to.

But when the yoga, writing, drawing, reading or exercising does show up I always come out of it feeling so much clearer and more thankful. So if that isn’t proof right there then you got me bet.

It’s super easy to forget when you have a family to try a put some time aside for yourself but everyone will thank you for it.

When life is throwing you change all round it’s important to find you peace of mind in the chaos. Everything happens for a reason, whatever that may be.

Inspiration And Balance

One of my favorite books helped me through a period in my life where I felt extremely lost. A review for this book will follow at some stage as I am rereading it again.

You can always miss parts or over look things that might be important when reading so don’t be afraid to read a book as many times as you like.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A very small few words in this book helped me find a certain clarity… “Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else”

When I read this the first time it sent chills through my body, isn’t it crazy how our mind controls everything we know?

This quote in itself was the perfect inspiration to get me through each day at the time in my life that seemed so dark. It was the words that were the perfect reminder that being present and finding balance is important but can be hard to up keep. That’s why rereading books and quotes can be so important.

To remind our self of what our minds push further away each day. I’m not talking about the things you would prefer stay back but the things that help us build ourselves into the person that we are longing to be.

The things that stand out and give us a different way of thinking or show us something that taught us a valuable lesson. Sounds bizarre but you can forget these things if you aren’t reminded once in a while.


Life can feel lonely so take advantage of these times and get to know yourself more, you deserve to know all the nocks and crannies of you complicated mind; just remember that it can take a lifetime to get to know yourself and someone else because we are always changing.

Stop putting so much energy into thinking of others and why they aren’t acting a certain way or the way you think they should. Try understanding other point of views, discover new ways you can put work into yourself and blossom.

Accepting changes can be a key component in our joy and happiness. Some things are hard to accept but once you can do that you will move on. Make sure you feel everything first, I mean really feel it. Cry and breathe through the surges, it’s worth coming out the other side.

As I write these articles my mind is constantly changing and learning new things. It can take me days to finish one write up and in that time my mind will do such a turn around, usually coming out with a better frame of mind and feelings grateful that I can put my thoughts out there. It helps a lot to have a place to ramble on and each day I appreciate it more.

The best kind of friendships are the ones you don’t have to maintain on the daily, their the ones that even after months you can talk like no time has passed or nothing has changed, cherish those.

Find the thing that gives you a good release, trail and error and find that time for yourself.

Much love, the ramblings of a Down To Earth Mumma

Krissy xo


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