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Hello everyone, Down To Earth Mumma here! We just wanted to take a moment to let you all know a bit more about our space and what message we want to share.

Be you

Here’s a little more we would like you to know

Here at Down To Earth Mumma it is a vision of rediscovery.

It is always nice to know where in the world you have connected with.

We are currently based on Waiheke Island!

If you don’t know where this is, get out a map, find New Zealand and it’s a small island off of Auckland City (you may need your reading glasses to spot it).

It is a beautiful island where Down To Earth Mumma grew up and is now living with my gorgeous family.

Of course my inspiration is my encouraging husband and our mesmerizing baby girl whom we just adore!

How we came to be

In 2013, I attended an Art School where I discovered a beautiful direction in life. I was designing and hand printing works of art onto quality unique T-shirts and Jumpers to share with the world. I can only begin to describe the joy within this life and I only touched on it at this point in life.

At the time, this endeavor was a school project that I completely immersed myself in. I couldn’t believe this is how I could make my mark! So the journey began and the customers my designs were attracting were seriously enjoying them!

Have you ever started something that you wish you could carry on with but life jumped in the way and steered you down a different path? Same!!! That is why we are here, to find like-minded individuals to share, support and create with!

I have spent a long time hoping to get back into this production and I have finally found the perfect place to do so.

My Unique T-shirts

Firstly I am aiming to share all of my original designs, once this has been established I will begin to share new creations and would also love to take suggestion on designs you would like to see and wear in Down To Earth Mumma’s style! It is important to Down to Earth Mumma that we are creating together. We want to know what you think, tell us what you want!


The other vision

Here at Down To Earth Mumma I would also like to create a space for Mumma’s (and humans) alike to come together and share their thoughts and opinions. Not just about art and creating but about life and the good in this world that can be easily forgotten due to the state of this day and age.

A Thought on this world

As much as there is chaos I see a huge community of people that wish to help and share the beauty in the world. If we do good we will see good and there is light at the end of the tunnel. More people with realistic views and good hearts are coming together to make this world a better place for our future.

Wrap it up

So please explore and interact, support local artists and work towards your goals! Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.

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