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How to start a new chapter in life, what do you really want to achieve?


Look around, what do you do have?


Not the bad stuff but what is good in your life? What are you thankful for?

It is far too easy to let the mind wander around in circles trying to fix everything fast!

But change is the only constant, always going in directions that seem bizarre. Constantly giving you different challenges and the decisions you make will form you.

Stop those negative thoughts before they happen, don’t let them consume or define you. Stop blaming everyone else for your issues and look where you can change.


Opening your mind to possibilities not problems, think of solution. Think of habits you can alter or completely cut that you know will make your life better. That will help push you in the direction you want to be going.

It can be super hard for us cold heart stubborn bitches because we are always right! AM I right?

But change is always possible, looking in the right direction instead of drifting down that miserable path you have been carving. Haven’t you had enough?

Isn’t it time to step forward, time to really become that person that you want?


So why are so many of us spending this time in sadness? Why do we care so much what society thinks? Why is everything too cautious now, what happened to raw beauty and fun?

We blink and the years feel like days, they go so damn fast.

Don’t let fear rule you because you will regret it. Focus on what is happening, right now. One thing at a time because that is all we can do to be fully present.

Read, draw and create. You loved ones and you will thank you for the growth you are about to embark on. Let yourself feel all those feelings you have been pushing back, make friends with the fear and ride that emotional wave until you feel her settle. Acknowledge the demons you have resting so they can rise to the surface and make you strong.

Face them head on and make sure you have the right support waiting if you need a shoulder to rest on. Whether a friend, spouse, cat or dog. Someone to lend an ear and explore those hidden side that have been buried.

Life is short and when these demons go neglected for long period they will show their face, one way or another.


The best place to heal and I’m sure you’ll agree once you are there is to take a stroll. Take your shoes off and feel the earth, feel her breath. She too has demons, all around and upon her. Making her stronger and weaker all at the same time.

If we heal, she too will feel it.

We are connected after all, to the wind and sun. To the sky and the sea, we are all apart of the same universe.

Imagine all the things possible if our minds weren’t wrapped so tightly around our problems? All the wonderful things we could be achieving on a daily basis if we weren’t so anxious about the things that we can’t change.


The beauty of this is we can change our minds to see the light, if you tell yourself something positive each and every day your mind will begin to believe it. It will begin to form new paths of possibilities and life will begin to have more purpose.

It work is the same if you are sad and anxious all the time, those thoughts and feelings will rule you. Start small, nothing big happens overnight. The most beautiful art takes time, a lot of it. Not the time we see everyday, not the false misconception of time in the forms of calendars and clocks (fuck those). Forget the numbers and do the things that make you forget about “time” because it is completely made up. Humans made the calendar and the clock (no fricken’ way) these tools have limited us to feel and do what we are supposed to in order to embrace life for what it is meant to be.

Replace that bad thought for that good one, start there.


I have stumbled upon a beautiful blog, I really do recommend having a read and explore. They are beautifully inspiring.

Finding places you can relate to and draw motivation from is so important. Stop reading the sad negative bullshit that’s out there and concentrate on expanding your mind with pure intent thoughts.

Because change is the only constant and everything is temporary, including the pain we feel. All things that happen are essential to who we are, how we face these challenges is what points us in the direction we are meant to be going. If the same lesson is happening time and time again there is something you are missing. Something the universe is trying to teach you in order to move forward, what is it?

Only you can answer this.


Do it for you and no one else, the ones who are truly there for you will benefit from the changes you make. Good vibes are contagious, spread that shit all round.

Once you start feeding the positive feel good version of yourself you won’t want to look back, that version of you that existed in the past will be a distant memory and a reminder of what not to do.

It will all pass and change as the days do, so keep an open mind and choose to go down the path which will help you become the person you see and want to be.

If you want something enough you will work hard towards said goals, you are the only one with the power to sculpt and build the life you want and envision.

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It’s easy to give up so say FUCK THAT and work hard towards what is possible because your future self will thank you for it.

Please feel free to leave a comment or opinion, I would love to hear what you think.

Till next time,

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  1. Great post and very inspiring, thank you, Krissy. I too write similar articles although I don’t often publish to my website because it’s a different subject. That said, I would have been proud had I published a post like this.

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