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I would like to touch on a subject which a lot of men and women can relate to. Something that completely changes your life, whether you want it to or not.

enjoy the moment


So my husband and I did things quite different.

We met and trust me when I say the universe knew what it was doing!

It was the most natural, soul connecting experience ever.

Now at the time I may have been so drunk that his ass and dance moves was what attracted me in the first place.

But vibes DO NOT lie.

So, we spent the next 3 months partying it up and sharing our life experiences and the fact that we had both felt so misunderstood our entire lives.

A gorgeous connection was growing.

The first night I met his parents I was so nervous I’m pretty sure I down about 5 beers in half an hour (so not recommended). Anyway that night we played Russian roulette and well, you can probably guess what happened.

Yes, that’s right.

Life was growing inside of my womb and at the 6-month mark to THE day we got hitched.

Settling down happened very quiet and we will admit now that we never took the time to actually talk about anything, it all just happened.

Like our life was on autopilot and fast-forward at the same time.

But that is another tale for another day.


Now some women handle pregnancy extremely well and some simply don’t.

I was somewhere in the middle.

It’s a Fucking hard thing to do.

The hormones and all the other things that go along with it was not a walk in the park for me.

Keeping in mind we had only met each other 3 months prior so our journey was still fresh (and still is).

But like I said our connection is like none other.

Anyway the days go on and I get bigger and finally baby was on her way!


I swear NO ONE tells you what you are in for or at least no one can explain quite what changes are about to happen.

It is a roller coaster like none other.

As we have a c section the first couple of days are a bit blurry, full of drugs and smiles AND a BRAND NEW little human.

An experience like no other is introducing your first child into this world.

About the third night after bringing a baby into the world us women go through a rush of uncontrollable emotions.

Mine had something to do with the new baby next door crying all night while ours slept silently between us.


I just wanted to go next door and help this poor little thing.

So the tears came and I was a mess (it happens to us all in some way), once we finally got to take our little girl home it was magical.

Apart from the dickhead who drove up or ass the whole way home then flipped us off when we turned up our road.

Yes, like I said great start.

Can’t let people like that get you down.

The important thing is we got our baby home safe and sound.


Now with c sections it is not recommended doing pretty much ANYTHING until the 6-week mark. So in this time we had both of our mothers come stay to do the house duties which was amazing but also quite consuming as it means my husband and myself didn’t actually get this together (maybe with the next one we will).

All was well, she was a pretty sleepy newborn so we can have a pretty cruisy ride, AT FIRST.

But let me tell you the other side of that newborn stage is ALL OVER THE SHOW! For a week you think you have it and she would go to bed the same time for a bit then the next day it changes and IT FUCKS WITH YOUR HEAD!

You still crave that time with your spouse.

The time to take a crap by yourself (this just gets worse as they get older). And to just simply find the time to do something for you, as a man or a woman.

Finding balance in life can be extremely difficult after introducing your first child into the world. You really have no idea what you are in for until it happens and then it is best to take each day one at a time, if you don’t do this YOU WILL make yourself go even crazier.

So, as challenging as all this is. It is also THE MOST beautiful and rewarding adventure you can embark on.

Knowing you are raising the future and hoping if you don’t hit the nail on the head with the things you want to do in this life. At least you have the chance to raise a different future and hopefully contribute to a different world for our babies.

One where kindness is around every corner. Instead of being scared to turn the corner in fear of what you might find.



When you come to this part in your life you need to understand that EVERYONE (mostly) will have something to say about what you are doing.

It will make you doubt your decisions.

Make you question your ENTIRE existence (maybe).

Don’t let that happen.

Brush it off.

Find a community who will support your decisions or give you that guidance that you need.

Most importantly, COMMUNICATE effectively with your partner.

Becoming a parent changes you.

It’s challenging but it’s beautiful and EVERYONE does it differently (same same but different!)

baby bear

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

If you do get sad about something you did or didn’t do, just go into the next day wanting and striving to BE better.

Because if you spend your time and energy on the things that could’ve, would have or should’ve you will NEVER move on and reach that potential you know is there.



This is just a touch on our experience.

Every person is different but for me, I know it helps me to read other Mumma’s or Papa’s experience and just be reassured that we are all human.

We all make mistakes and most of us just want to do better.

To be good.

So here is Down To Earth Mumma with the REAL!

Please know we are here to help, we want to help.

It is a beautiful thing to share this human journey and experience as a community.

Let’s do this together.

Remember to support local businesses! You know you are going to buy a plain ass T-shirt for s ridiculous cost so why not invest in a beautifully UNIQUE CUSTOM DESIGN.

Bye for now, with love.

Krissy xo





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  1. Hi Krissy

    Loved your article, and it took me back to many years ago when I was a new mom.

    I took far too much interest in what other people had to say about my parenting skills and pretty much everything else in those first few days. It made me doubt a lot of things, and made the first few months tougher than they needed to be.

    I’m so pleased that there are people like you spreading the word about being kind to yourself, and to brush off unwanted comments.

    You sound like you’ve got such a good handle on this, I think you’re going to be a great mom for your baby girl!

    Best wishes, Judy

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