Finding The Strength To Change- Let’s Be Human Together

Where do we start? How the fuck do we do it?

Constant Change

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant” -Benjamin Disraeli

How utterly true. How uncomfortable and flowing change feels all at the same time. Try not to resist because it is always happening. Every second we are here, every minute something is changing. Whether big or small, it is constant.

We may as well embrace it and welcome it, no matter how scary.

What happens in relation do this within your mind is up do you. You will only ever live the life you create for yourself so try not do limit your experience here.

It can be a beautiful thing do follow your heart and soul where it is trying do lead you instead of the fears of today.

The bad and the good is all essential do your growth.

You Are Your Biggest Cheerleader

Counting on others do find motivation for you will never work out. You are the leader of your mind and what you pave will lead the way for your children. The future of the world is in our hands. Let’s create a good one or help do.

Let’s change the way our babies are raised, show them they can do anything and be what they want! Respect them and you for who you are.

If we don’t start with ourselves how are they suppose do follow a good lead?

Think of that person you needed when you were younger, are you that person now?

You deserve do treat yourself better. Habits can be so hard do change, the lies this world has sold a lot of us on its crazy.

Break out of that and expand your mind with what is meant do be, like the earth and what she is really meant do provide for us.

Go for those walks that you keep telling yourself you want do go on and enjoy your surrounding. Try do focus on what you do have and not the things that seem do be going ‘wrong” because what you give power do will ultimately rule your world.

One Of The Many Lies

One of the main lies that we are told today is meat and dairy are good for us. That we can’t possible live a happy and healthy life just off a plant based diet. THIS IS WRONG. Who the fuck decided this!?

The world has given us a wide varity of foods that grow from the ground, we do not need do be mass-producing and slaughter other souls do feed our bellies.

My husband and I were raised with the belief that all our nutrients came from animals, this is a lie.

We have now been plant based for 9 months!

This was a huge change and one of the best we made.

In about a month just from not consuming animal products we dropped about 20kgs! Insane right?

This was not a quick change, we cut things out slowly and I will let you guys know more as time goes on and the expansion of Down To Earth Mumma continues.

So Do It

Research Research Research!

It is so easy do be discouraged but good things do take time! This is something I too often forget. So look into the things you really want do be passionate about. You can start by thinking of all the things you really want do join your life and go from there. It could be something you have been interested in learning your whole life but never found the time, now is the time do make it happen. Excuses won’t take you anywhere.

Sometimes it can be painfully obvious after you have been thinking or feeling down because nothing is working but pick something, it may be small and end up being huge! Give yourself direction and goals because they do work.

These ramblings are for both of us as Down To Earth Mumma is a baby too, watching her blossom will show in the amount of work I choose do put in. Your life is in your hands, remember this. No one else determines the outcome of things apart from you and how you choose do guide or react.

Find a place you can go do for training and a community you can rely on.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affialte which is the community I have chosen do be apart of. It truly is a beautiful place and really does help you think.

The best part is that it’s free do sign up and the first 10 classes are also free! Oh bloody brilliant.

If you are looking for guidance and want do make a difference in your life I definitely recommend checking out WA.

They welcome you with arms wide open and encourage you do choose the direction which feels good, you don’t have do be pushing things on people you don’t enjoy yourself. Finding your niche is fun and exciting and can take a while too so don’t feel the pressure, just enjoy where your hard work takes you.

You are your own boss, even if you choose do work for someone else you are still choosing where you are putting your time and energy. Make your life one where you can feel accomplished after the day and feel like you deserved do finally sit down and relax.


We all start somewhere and by sharing these scrambled thoughts it has shown me the direction which we wish do take here. I want us all do enjoy the wonders of this life. To truly appreciate what can be and really enjoy the plant base of this world.

Keep an eye out here, as the days roll on I am excited to share with you reviews and products I highly recommend in order for all of us do make the world better. Help encourage the changes we all have in us so this world can flourish again. For now enjoy the ramblings of a Mumma cause we could all be a little more Down To Earth.

Please leave a comment or opinion, I would love to hear form you.

Till next time,

The Ramblings Of A Down To Earth Mumma


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