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Don’t Be Afraid -Feelings And Thoughts

In this day and age it is so hard to stay true to yourself.

To express yourself. To find the fucking time to do what you really enjoy. There really just isn’t enough time in the day.



This world has too much judgment from different aspects and not enough people rooting for you! This is what we want to be doing here at Down To Earth Mumma, to encourage others to have the confidence to be yourself.

We want to make sure you know that IT IS OKAY to be different, to be weird, to be you! To enjoy the things you enjoy and to support people. To separate YOUR opinions and thoughts from what others think is hard.

It doesn’t happen in one day, it takes time to build your mind to it’s potential.


Our World


Even then we are constantly learning and growing, if we choose to see everything that happens as one big class. Forever learning new life lessons.

To hush the fear and let the courage take lead.

Take your shoes off! Let your hair down! Breastfeed your child until you are both ready to let go and so many other aspects.

Just be and be you!

Be the person you imagined when you were young. It’s probably the person you wanted to be all along.

The person you have hiding in there somewhere, just ready and waiting to come out.

Ready to tackle the world and waiting to give you the strength you need.

Let that version of yourself take lead.

Humans are social creatures and we are meat to support each other.

To lift each other up and enjoy the journey as a whole. To share and create with freedom, it’s what we are all really here to do. What we all want (maybe deep down for some but surely it’s there).

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of demons.

It is hard to face them and to understand why your life has panned out the way it has but FUCK does it feel good to just let go. Because of what you were holding back for so long.

To finally let go of the things you have hiding away.

The thing are/were always ticking away to some dark clock because your soul knows you NEED to heal in order to become the best version of you. In order to flourish

So step back and take a look at all the aspects, at the people you surround yourself with, the love you give.

Not only to others but to yourself.

Be kind and stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. Remember we are only human, we need guidance, love and support from the right places and people.

It can be a hard pill to swallow when someone gives you the encouragement you need.

The push in the right direction. The push YOU need to finally admit to yourself that you need to change in order to be happy and succeed in this life.

And I know when the hard times are happening it does feel like they will never end but they do and usually the other side is much brighter and much more clear.

The changes that happen in life can be overwhelming and seriously confusing at times.

In the past two years I have become a wife and a mother, yes this was my calling but still I felt like something else was out there to be discovered.



This is why Down To Earth Mumma has come about.

The Face Behind The Mask

Another ‘baby’ I can put my spare time and energy into to share these thoughts and art with you like-minded and maybe not so alike individuals. (maybe some just like the unique T-shirt designs)

Dedicating yourself to others, like being a Mum and a wife can be hard. It’s important to follow your instincts and do what you want to do in order to make your life feel whole.


To work towards that business you have floating around in your head, to share your creative ideas and MASTERPIECES in the way YOU want.

Because you know what, you are a masterpiece in yourself, a beautiful work in progress.

Everyone is in their own way, a gorgeous mess. Trying to figure out how to put together what you have to offer and share it with the world.

Follow the passions you’ve been setting aside because it’s not “the right time”.

The time is always the right time! We are made to create, share and explore together!

To create in any way you yearn for, to feel fulfilled and satisfied within this life.

What is stopping everyone?

It’s the pressure to be yourself and to not be yourself that this society has formed that makes it daunting.


It’s okay to be scared but see past it.

See the possibilities and climb out of that comfort zone you have made waaaayyy too comfortable (It’s hard but wow is it beautiful on the other side).

Find some role models, people who take a stand and follow their journey. It is really a beautiful thing to seek a form of guidance from social media these days, so easy to jump online and find the right encouragement you need.

You know you’re scrolling through some bullshit anyway.

Something that helped me a few years back was removing any pages that had a negative or sad outlook and follow more passions. More people that live their life in a good and kind way.

More pages that send a message that people need to hear.

That a current and future version of themselves want to feel thankful to have read.

A couple of women that inspire me and whom I follow are @mrsconstancehall and @sallymustang, check them out on Instagram.

They are gorgeous woman who own who they are and wish to help others. It is a beautiful thing, to empower other people. To stumble across a quote or a post that really resonate with you.

It might just be the push you need.

Imagine being a part of the movement towards good that this world yearns for.

To help others like you, pointing them in the right direction of their dreams and aspirations.

So just say FUCK IT and trust your gut

It is usually right.

And if it’s not, tackle whatever it is a different way.

Trial and error.

Just fucking go for it.

Feel free to be you.

Would love to hear anything you guys have to say, please leave a comment or opinion.


Krissy xo

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  1. These feelings everyone have. Being unsure, sad, scared, unhappy, confused and terrified to try something new. As humans, we need to make sure that these feelings will not eat us alive.

    We need to try our best to get rid of these feelings and try our best to achieve our goals in life.

    Great article!

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