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Hello everyone!

Here I would like to talk about my journey through life a bit more, regarding work experience and what spoke to me and what didn’t.


Like a lot of people I worked in a number of different jobs for a number of different establishments.

From hospitality jobs, call centre customer service, I worked in a florist flower shop and was shown how to make bouquets. My Nana was a florist so that was pretty special to me.


I even worked in a tattoo shop, where I got a few free tattoos which was AMAZING but nothing seemed to talk to my soul and each job slowly but surely become meaningless.

As hardworking and dedicated as I was to each of my positions nothing seemed to really stick.


For years, I had been stumbling across the ‘how to make money fast” schemes, the ones where they make these awesome videos that sounds so inspiring and make you want to jump at the chance.

They all sound great at first but once I thought on them for a while, nothing I was really passionate about jumped at me.

I guess it was more the idea of promoting a product for a company, something that wasn’t my own that didn’t feel right. I needed to find something that I could pour all I have into and feel great no matter what.

While searching for something we could do, my husband and I even invested about $200 into a scheme we thought sounded so good for us to find out after that it was promoting water filtration systems that cost about $10,000!

As beautiful as the product sounded it also sounded like a somewhat ridiculous thing to do AND they expected you to purchase a bundle before you started which ended up being an insane amount of money which was a totally unrealistic goal for us.

So we got our refund and carried on with life.



Months went by, still searching for something that would be great for us and then finally while reading a review on another product, I came across a life changing community in which they provided training (a university as some call it) for any niche!

Yes that is right, something that guided you in the direction of any dream YOU have!

I felt like I could breathe for the first time in a while.

This community is called Wealthy Affiliate and the creators, Kyle and Carson only wish to help you in your endeavors and guide you to where you are yearning to be.

Like with anything you need to put effort and determination into your baby (like Down To Earth Mumma) and you most probably won’t be seeing any sort of profit for a while but nothing good comes easy.

They also NEVER claim it is a quick fix, you need to put effort in if you want to see a successful outcome.

The learning opportunity is endless and they are constantly updating, hosting live classrooms and encouraging you to choose something you are PASSIONATE in which is such a breath of fresh air.


This community of supportive and like-minded people are like no other. Honestly, you ask a question (and not question is dumb) and multiple community members are right there pushing you in the right direction.

EVERYONE wants to help.

It is so damn beautiful.

The best part is, it felt so right! I didn’t doubt my decision, I didn’t have any bad feelings towards it and the best part is you can sign up for a FREE account and start the training first.

Check out the link here if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

You’ve got to be patient, persistent and work hard towards your goals.
Wealthy Affiliate is not a make money quick scheme but it is a place you can go to build your passions and discover new hidden talents. A place to be a part of a community that do care about you and WANT to help.

Do something for yourself, do something for the better of your sanity.



A lot of humanity has lost the push to help others out.

To lend a hand for no particular reason apart from simply WANTING to help.

I have always enjoyed being kind and doing things for others. When someone would comment, I would tell them I was really being selfish because it made me feel good.

It still does give me those feel good feelings, I am just more particular with where it goes now since becoming a wife and a mother.

My Love

It can be as small as smiling at someone who passes by or sharing a compliment that popped into your head!

They might then feel courage to do the same or to even help out where they weren’t required to because the feel good vibes do just that!

They VIBE!

Our energy is constantly moving and changing.

If you give good, naturally you will begin to take it too.

That is the beauty of humans, we are all born the same.

It just depends on where our journey takes us.

It depends what mindset we choose to take on.

What role models we had as kids.

What opportunities we had and didn’t have.

Of course what happens in your upbringing changes and moulds you into the person you are. I know sometimes it can be crippling but I also believe that you have the power to grow into the person you want to be. If you choose to be open to things and not let your emotions control every situation you will usually end up in a better place.

Try not to beta yourself up about what has happened in the past, trust me. I spent far too long feeling anxious and guilty and don’t get me wrong, I do still feel it but it is lessening.

Each day I choose to work hard and strive to be better.

Be the person you want to be.

Experience that change you want to see.

It can and will be very uncomfortable and confusing at times.

I mean it, it can be really hard.

But you can do it.

Be open to change.

It is the best thing you can do for yourself.


It really does help.

Remember to be kind to yourself and stop letting those close minded negative people get under your skin.

Silently tell them to fuck off by moving on with life and finding something you really enjoy.

Like it was for me, Wealthy Affiliate might be exactly what you need to be a part of. To set what ideas you have into actions and have the encouragement you deserve.

Here it is again, the link you follow to follow your passions.

Wealthy Affiliate

It would be great to know what you want to do, drop a comment and let me know your ideas!

Someone else might stumble across your post and also get inspired.

Till next time,

Open Your Mind

Krissy xo

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