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Difference Of Opinions – You Are You

Most of us have a different opinion.


Everyone acts crazy nowadays.

Crazy Humans

Whether that means they have a different opinion to you, that their lifestyle is one you couldn’t fathom living or they eat different foods.

It’s how you choose to accept this which makes you who you are.

It’s no big deal that people choose to live in different ways or make different decisions. Because everyone is unique. How boring would our world be if everyone was the same?


Whenever I need to make a decision about something like how the photos on my Instagram look in a particular order  to where our baby eats her next meal. I always remind myself, there are no rules.

I think a lot of society follows false guidelines because so many people are so worried about what others think.

Remember it is YOUR life. You are the one that has to live with the decisions you make. How others choose to react is on them.

As long as there is some sort of moral compass involved in making your decisions, it should go okay for you.

I really have no interest in getting into intense heated discussion because someone has a different opinion.

The thing is multiple people can be right about the same subject, they are right in the way that they think because they have the right to think the way they choose.

That is the beauty of our minds. They are our own space. Our minds don’t belong to anyone except us.

We choose how to pave them and what we give power to.

If you choose to give those negative thoughts power, they will rule your life. If you choose to work towards a positive frame of mind and do good by others AND yourself, you will see the results.

Your life will flourish like it never has before.

I’m not here to tell you that you are right or wrong.

I just wish to share my thoughts and hopefully spread some positive vibes as I go.


One of the things that people struggle with is the understanding of others.

I always found it so fucking hard because I could understand too well why people made the decisions they made. Even if they were fucked up because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

We all have different desires and hopes of different outcomes from the actions we choose to take. Every person goes through their own struggles, on a daily basis.

Before I met my husband I worked hard to be the person I knew I wanted to be. To quiet the demons and give my true essence a chance to flourish.

I worked extremely hard because I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be for my right man.

I can remember from such a young age yearning for someone who would understand my mind. I dreamed of him, I dreamed of my husband before we met, of the life we would build together.

Once he finally stepped in, that was it. I felt like I could breathe for the first time in my whole life.


The growth and love that has come with finding this man-my husband, has been extraordinary.

The most amazing thing I have experienced in my short life is finding the one person you can really rest on. Really just unload all the heavy thoughts and feelings you carry around.

I believe if you don’t have the strength and determination to grow into the person you want to be, this person may never come along. But that is just my experience.

I know for my husband it was different, he didn’t see me coming but I was exactly what he needed at that point and forever more.


You need love, compassion and understanding in order to blossom. Not just from others but most importantly from YOURSELF.

Try finding the root of your negative thoughts, emotions and actions.

Your mind is YOUR home. It is the place you come back to every night after a busy day and every morning when you wake up. You deserve it to yourself to build the foundations of your interior to it’s most beautiful potential.

“Take your time. You are coming home to yourself.” -Nayyrah Waheed

This quote is so damn beautiful and so damn true.

The more you find the strength to work towards the person you feel inside, the calmer your mind will get. It will begin to feel like home.

Growth really is a gorgeous thing.

We are all capable of it. Some may take longer and others may find it more flowing to welcome that part of yourself.

You are a compilation of every experience and feeling you have ever been apart of. Good and bad, it’s the reaction we have towards the things we go through that truly shapes us.

The universe worked hard to put you here, the whole process was in YOUR favour.

Awaken your potential, you have the universe inside of you. Create and learn, unleash that wild beautiful human. Let it be known that you strive and live for PASSION. Follow the pulls and tugs you feel. That your heart and motives are edging you towards.

Glow with life, the life you were meant to lead. The creative path all humans are meant to follow.

Everyone is an artist in their own way. Whether they love working with their hands, painting canvases or bodies. Making food, helping others, being loved and loving. It is all some sort of art form. Some sort of creative feel that we have, in one way or another.

To be apart of nature is our true calling. We are nature, everything upon this earth is one. There are just a lot of foreign objects blocking the way, changing the way things move and flow. To build and grow together as a community is what was meant to be.

Let’s start small, by following our own dreams and doing right by ourselves. For you and me.


Now, no one is better than the next person. People are simply different and are in different stages of life.

I want to leave you with a piece I read the other day. It is gorgeous and I do believe women have some sort of super power.

“The woman who chooses her mate, is in balance and brightness .. as her instinct is much sharper than ours, for a man`s judgement is always clouded by desire..

In ancient Egyptian days, women were viewed and honored as higher and more sacred than a man. The woman is the mother to all, giving life and teaching. The ancients believed that when a man were to achieve a high amount of knowledge, spirituality, and power that he would be allowed to wear a long haired wig to symbolize that he had reached a certain level of that equal to a woman. As the two stand together, she holds her man, giving him strength and protection. There is a saying still floating around in present day: “behind every successful man is a strong woman holding him up.”~

And its made me remember of something that I read in a book which I believe goes well with it:

“Man cannot find his reason for being by himself, and he hates to be alone. On the other hand, a woman must discover her nature by herself. If she waits for a man to discover her, she will find herself through his reflection only, and will never be happy. A woman is a whole being without a man, but a man is only half a person without a woman. It is the woman who chooses her mate, as her instinct is much sharper than ours, for a man`s judgement is always clouded by desire.”

~Don Manuel, Q’ero elder and medicine man

Till next time,

Down To Earth Mumma

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