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Creating A Beautiful Space -Healing Takes Time

A while back I actually started another blog called Ramclanmum. My goal was to start creating a beautiful space to share my thoughts.

This page was fleeting.

One that was forgotten rather quickly however I did post a couple of entries that were more like small thoughts as opposed to articles.



There are only a few posts from this website.

I would like to elaborate on them, explore them a bit more with you.




The Title of one of my posts (Bright Eyes), I will cover the actual topic soon but I wanted to share one of my experiences which I love.

Most of my young life I had people commenting on my eye colour (a hazel which vary from yellow to green and anything in between). When you hear something one too many times you can become out of touch with what was once special. It can lose the beautiful meaning it once had, it is sad but true.

Now when I met my husband, he did not comment on this and I can say undoubtedly that I absolutely loved the fact that what was so obvious was not mentioned and didn’t seem to matter.

Our souls spoke to each other before our appearances and that is a damn beautiful thing.

Is there something special about your spouse or loved one that has been lost in time?

Take a moment to appreciate what they are and think about why they play such an important part in your life.


“Let me start by saying I absolutely love being a mother.

My daughter is more than I could have ever imagined and the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. She is the absolute best but wow, babies are so confusing!

Seriously, they are like pregnant woman.

So many emotions and no idea what to do with them.

Don’t get me wrong, both are beautiful but both are also extremely hard work.

If you are on the bus and you aren’t elderly or have a requirement for a seat. Move your fucking ass for that pregnant woman, she needs it more. Trust me.”

This was written January 10th 2019

Now I still agree with this and yes sometimes our baby can be confusing but we have come a looooong way since this.

It takes time to learn your baby.

If you choose to open up, you can effectively communicate even though they do not speak yet.

Yes! Those early stages are so damn confusing and I do think what I felt like with our baby at times was like how my husband felt when I was pregnant!

Husband And Wife

Crying over the smallest of things and not having any idea what I wanted or being upset for no reason.

Now I’m not saying babies are upset for no reason because I believe that if there is no serious problem they usually shouldn’t be crying so much.

As long as the care and cuddles are strong.

The days do steady out after having a child, I’m sure you Mumma’s out there can agree that the new emotions that come with being a first time Mum are insane! Soon enough you will settle into a new version of yourself.

Work on that version and she will grow to be humble and powerful.

For those that feel a little more lost, know you are not alone.

If you wish to seek support or just a place to vent Down To Earth Mumma is an open space to help.

Being pregnant and having a baby is FUCKING HARD!

Being a mum is so damn under appreciated these days.

It is THE hardest most underpaid and MOST IMPORTANT job ever.

In the history of jobs.

You do realise that our future, the future of the world is being raised by Mumma’s everywhere.

That the love, attention and care we give for our babies may save the world and hopefully one day change it



I feel like this needs to be addressed under its own damn heading.

I remember reading something about a pregnant lady on a bus and the fact that she should have got knocked up by a dude that had a car.

First off, did you know that public transport is much friendlier for our environment?

That if we all traveled together, car pooled or CAUGHT THE BUS more often it would reduce our bad effect on the world.

I read this long before I was ever pregnant and I’ll admit I thought it was pretty funny at the time.

Now I couldn’t disagree with that dumb ass statement more.

So as previously stated, if you are not elderly or in NEED of a seat on a bus and a pregnant lady gets on, MOOOVE.

Move your fucking ass because it is hard work growing a human.

Try to put yourself in her shoes.

She may be too shy to ask for a seat but be in so much pain (because it can be extremely painful growing a child for some) that she NEEDS that seat in order for her sanity.

Follow those kind instincts that may be buried very deep down for some.

It is natural for humans to want to help one another.

Plus, you never know.

She might not be able to drive herself around because she might not be able to touch the pedals anymore.



Everyone goes through their own battles and the beauty of the mind is that it is your very own.

No one can change that.

No one else can change what or how you think, apart from you.

If you are open to it.

You may not agree with most of the things you hear but let the opinions of other help form your mind into the strong place you wish it to be.

Is there something you wish you had done differently?

A different path you may have taken?

Maybe you’ve hurt someone you love unintentionally and can’t take back your actions now.

It sucks but have the strength to grow from these experiences.

To improve your decision-making.

To grow and to share your hardship in the way you choose to love and care now.



Healing takes time.

Be kind to yourself and the reflection of this will show in the way you treat others.

Help yourself heal by being open to change because that is where your future lies.

Let the future of this world be better.

If you have thoughts, comments or just wish to share please leave you words below.

Krissy xo



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