Being A Mom Is A Full Time Job – And More

The most underrated job in this day and age, being a mother. Being a mom is hard so I would like to share what worked best for us and hopefully will answer a few questions you have coming into this beautiful chapter in your life.


All The Things They Say You Need

Baby Shopping is a big scam (like a lot of things in this world) but you actually don’t need much for your little one. Just the essentials.

If you want to avoid babies bum rashing up like crazy Water Wipes are by far the best! I recommend buying bulk and stocking up on these because they seriously poo like crazy as new born’s! I know, gross but it actually isn’t that bad, wait till they start eating food. That’s where the fun starts.

We tried many different brands and even the ones with 5% chemicals involved rashed baby’s bum up like crazy so again, Water Wipes. By far the best for their delicate skin.

Another key item which is totally essential for you breastfeeding Mumma’s is the Haakaa pump, this is a life saver.

The pressure you feel when milk comes in is insane and our babes are so small, they can’t eat that much yet. Just pop it on while you feel or use to relieve a bit of pressure, Nice, small and simple product.

BREAST PADS! Seriously, if you are like me you WILL leak A LOT so stock up on breast pads. You will not regret it, hopefully they will eventually settle but mine have only just stopped and it took awhile to alternate boobs to stop this from happening.

Look After Yourself

You get so damn hungry when breast feeding so make sure you stock up on snacks! I mean it, when you wake up for those night time feeds the last thing you want to do is get up so have a nice little stock pile next to you.

Museli bars are the best, they give you good energy and don’t sit heavily in your tummy.

If you have a partner or hubby available don’t be afraid to ask for anything and everything you need. You are doing the most important job and the first few months are a huge adjustment for everyone so communicate with each other and make sure your needs are met the best they can be.

All In

For you single Mum’s out there, you are amazing woman and I couldn’t imagine having done it by myself so know you sit at a very high place in my mind and you deserve the world.

Where Baby Sleeps

This subject has been a bit of a ridiculous one for our western culture. Our babies are designed to be close to Mom so don’t feel bad or crazy when baby doesn’t want to be put down in her bassinet or crib.

No one informs you of this when you have a baby, co sleeping is the norm in most countries and it is biologically correct!

If you follow the safe guidelines it can be the most magical experience because our babies are only small for a short time in our lives. You will never regret holding your baby close.

A couple of the best tips I can think of as an “experienced co sleeper” is; You and bubs use a different blanket to Dad, nothing too heavy. Make sure you have your arm in between your pillow and babies head and push your bed against the wall, mum lies in the middle and baby is next to the wall. A floor bed is also brilliant, especially when your little one starts moving around on their own.

There is way too much stigma around co sleeping, if you do it safely it is okay. Most the time when you hear about infants passing while co sleeping it’s because alcohol, heavy blankets/pillows or other things that are unsafe and involved.

You are right there and ready to help baby if you need to when co sleeping, the safest place for babe is there in your arms.

Do you research, educate yourself and all will be well.

Everyone Does Things Differently

Don’t worry about what Susie down the road is doing or, even your own Mom’s advice can be different to what feels right to you.

Follow your gut, it is usually right and baby will thank you for it.

Give them love, cuddles and kisses. They need this from you, the myth of a routine is just that. A MYTH! Have you ever seen who is treated with the right love and respect not thrive?

Go with the flow and listen to your little one, they know what they need. Understanding their communication can be hard but try your best to tune in.

It Too Shall Pass

If you are in that new born stage, make sure you are kind to yourself. That first year can be so draining and lonely but your baby is only a baby for a year. Believe me it goes fast, enjoy every moment and remember you are human too.

The nights can be hard but it will pay off when we go forward with love and care. Pick them up, rock and sing them to sleep. You will never look back and regret loving on your baby too much, there is no such thing.

We grow our little humans inside of us for they first part so it’s only natural they want to be on Mumma all the time. You are doing the right thing by responding, cuddling our babies helps their minds grow in a nurturing and beautiful way. Let’s help this world by filling it with people that are kind. Because kindness doesn’t cost a damn thing but ignoring their calls will cost them vital parts of growth they need to go through in order to feel good.

Being a Mother is by far the most underrated role ever, you are not alone.

If you have any comments or questions we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Take care.

Down To Earth Mumma

First Year Done

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